Our roots are large and deep

Only personal contact since 2002

When you want to book a holiday home you don't always get the chance to talk to someone who knows all the properties and is there for you from start to finish to help you find the perfect holiday home. We've noticed it's almost always a "Take it or leave it." type of contact.

Dot Holiday is here to combat this issue: we know every single one of our customers is different, so we vow to help each and every one of you as an individual and not as just another customer.

We only offer properties we've valued as 'worthy' to be on our website.

We've been in the business since 2002 and we've always used a very personal approach in order to find the right accommodation according to everyone's personal requirements for taste and budget.

We are always nearby

Our experienced staff will always be nearby during your stay. Not only do we inspect the properties before and after your stay in Tuscany, you will also receive a name and telephone number so you can always reach us just in case you need help or assistance. We speak English!

Surf and select the holiday home you truly want

When surfing on Dot Holiday you won't find an endless list of properties, instead you'll find a list composed of properties we've selected using the motto of quality over quantity. You will only find a selection of nice, well priced homes with great hosts.

Know your dates? Contact us!

Having trouble deciding? Contact us with your dates and a description of what you're looking for and our Tuscany experts will advise and guide you from start to finish.


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